Pole Buildings

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Common-sense storage solutions to propel your business (and protect your machinery)

Pole barns are structures based on vertical poles cemented into the ground. Once completed, they’re great for storage and will protect your machinery from the elements.

Pole barns are known for their affordability and easy construction. They can be built from square one to completion sometimes in less than a week.

When you work with us, we will help you customize your building project to fit your needs and budget. We start with a 4 ply post that is planted in the ground 4’ to 5’. Then you have the option of framing in with Oriented Strand Board (OSB) or using 2×6 material and then fasten the steel siding onto your 2×6. You also can choose to add different types of siding on the exterior, including board and batten, log siding, lap siding, or Louisiana Pacific (LP) siding*. You also have the option to add an overhang to the eave of your building. Of course and overhang isn’t required, but we do recommend it because it will help move the water on the roof further away from your building.

*NOTE: these exterior siding choices will require you to frame your building with OSB.

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